I-REC for Electricity

An I‑REC for Electricity is referred to as an I-REC(E) and is an exchangeable Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) that conveys information about the production of a unit of electricity such as where the electricity was produced, the capacity of the Production Facility, and the energy source.

I‑REC(E) can be used for a variety of (voluntary) requirements including Scope 2 reporting, national energy reporting, and general End-user claims, and allows all electricity users to make a conscious and evidence-based choice for electricity, in any country where service providers have been Accredited by the International Tracking Standard Foundation.

The I-REC(E) Product Code held by Evident is an I-TRACK Foundation Accredited Product Code that describes the application of the International Attribute Tracking Standard. The I-REC(E) Code sets out the definitions, processes, and procedures that form the requirements for the issuance, transfer, and redemptions of an I‑REC(E).


The I-REC(E) Code defines all procedures and processes relevant to the facilitation of the I-REC for electricity Product Certificate.

The I-REC for Electricity Governing Council (Electricity Council) is a group of stakeholders that is currently in development whose goal is to support formalizing the governance and oversight of the I-REC(E) Product Code. For the Electricity Council, all Accredited parties (Code Manager, Registry Operator, Issuer, Labelling Authorities, and Platforms) will have a future role, as will Market Players, their clients, and third-party stakeholders.


To accommodate these groups, the Electricity Council stakeholders will be appointed with voting rights. The Electricity Council will take positions on the geographic availability of tracking instruments, Code changes, market barriers, adherence to national regulations, and coordination with standards, governments, and other stakeholder groups.


More information about the Council can be requested by the I-TRACK Foundation secretariat.


Evident was founded in 2014 by a team of experts who had been instrumental in the creation of RECs and the Guarantee of Origin in Europe. Built on expertise in energy certification, regulation, markets, registry design and operation, and issuing service provision, Evident’s mission is to provide a robust and flexible framework for energy certification for governments, industry, and end-users. Evident’s service is Accredited to the quality and transparency requirements specified by the International Tracking Standard Foundation.

Evident is the Code Manager for the I-REC for Electricity Product Code and is therefore responsible for the detailed regulations of the I‑REC(E) service and coordination with partner Issuers around the world.


The I-REC for Electricity [I-REC(E)] Product Code, owned by Evident, is Accredited by the International Tracking Standard Foundation, fully established in over 60 countries around the world, and recently updated.


For more information see Evident’s website.


Underpinning Evident’s service is its world-class registry system, which is designed and developed by a team that specializes in energy attribute certificate registries with experience that can be traced to the first such registries in the late 1990s.


To visit the I-REC for Electricity Registry, go here.


Market Facilitators (I-TRACK Accredited Entities) and Market Players are dependent on each other for a thriving EAC market. Market Players need a robust EAC system that adheres to international best practices to enable them to make trustworthy energy claims. These instruments are provided by Market Facilitators, who are in return dependent on the use of these instruments to continue their facilitation of the market.


The International Tracking Standard Foundation requires all Market Facilitators to ensure a level playing field for all Market Players and guarantee – without exception – a fair and competitive market. This means that all Participants and Registrants must pay the same fees for the same services.


To see the Evident Fee Structure, download this document.

I-REC(E) Market Players

Production device owners or entities acting on their behalf must register as a ‘registrant’ with the Issuer that is responsible for the issuance of I-REC(E) in the relevant country. A Registrant is the only party that can register a production device with the local Issuer and requests the issuance of I-REC(E).


The Registrant must always request that I-REC(E)be issued into the account (trade account) of a Participant. The Registrant can also be a Participant, but this could also be a third party. Registration as a Registrant is free. However, there are fees attached to the registration of production devices.


For specific instructions and registration documents for a specific country, please see the documents on this page or visit a specific country page through the world map.


A Participant is a Market Player, trader, or consumer with an account on the Registry of the Code Manager. They may redeem certificates on their behalf, or behalf of their clients and can trade certificates from their primary account to the primary account of another market player.


Participants have three main account types:

  • Primary account
  • Sub-account(s)
  • Redemption account(s)


In general, Participants have one primary account and an unlimited number of subaccounts and redemption accounts. Registration as a Participant has associated fees.


To view the list of I-REC(E) Participants, download the I-REC(E) Market Participants document.

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