Registry Operators

•• Registry Operators provide Accredited Registries. Accurate, auditable, and permanent

Registry Operators

For a Registry to be Accredited with the International Tracking Standard Foundation (I-TRACK Foundation) it must provide an accurate, auditable, and permanent record of the lifecycle of a Product Certificate.

In general, there is a single Registry per Product Certificate. The Registry is appointed by the Code Manager of that Product Certificate. All Accredited Registries must allow for the development of Platforms via APIs and facilitate all other requirements of Product Code for which they support.

Registry Operator and Registry Accreditation

For a Registry Operator to be Accredited with the I-TRACK Foundation, an Accredited or pending Accreditation Code Manager must support the process. For a Registry to be Accredited, it must, in addition to being supported by an Accredited Code Manager, provide a preliminary report, and undergo a rigorous IT review of its technical capacity and a chance for robust implementation.