Complaint Management Process

•• Submitting a complaint provides an alternative perspective for the International Tracking Standard Foundation to weigh and estimate for a resolution

Complaint Management

Complaints are taken serious at the International Tracking Standard Foundation (I-TRACK Foundation) and for that reason, any individual or group of individuals/Entities may, at any time, submit a complaint to the International Tracking Standard Foundation Board (Board). The Board will review all received complaints and determine the most appropriate process for its resolution together with individual(s) who submitted the complaint.

Submitting Complaints

To submit a complaint, stakeholders must complete a complaint form that will guide the Board in understanding what the complaint is, the steps, if any, already taken toward finding a resolution, and the urgency of the complaint. The complaint form on this page is required for submitting a formal complaint.

Following receipt of the complete complaint form, the Board will determine the credibility and authenticity of the complaint. The Board will then determine the urgency associated with the complaint to determine a timeline by which the complaint will be dealt with. The Board will also develop a process through which the complaint can be further evaluated if it is deemed necessary. Once the assessment of the complaint and the urgency associated with it has been reviewed, the Board will propose a timeframe for a response to the individual(s) who submitted the complaint. The individual(s) who submitted the complaint must be available to the Board to answer further questions concerning the complaint to enable the Board to effectively discharge its functions in managing and seeking to resolve the complaint.

A complaint can be lodged for any aspect of the I-TRACK Foundation, its governance, documents, processes, or Accredited Entities. The goal of the Board and the individual(s) submitting a complaint is to find a suitable resolution. If in the case no suitable resolution can be found the stakeholder can request that the complaint be made public on the I-TRACK Foundation website, with confidential information removed, along with the associated response from the Board.

In determining a resolution to a complaint, it may be required to hold a Consultation. More about consultations can be found on the consultation page.

Complaints Form

This is the complaints form through which all stakeholders may detail their complaint for review by the I-TRACK Foundation Board.