Updated I-REC(E) Market Statistics for 2021

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Updated I-REC(E) Market Statistics for 2021

The I-REC Standard Foundation values market transparency as we believe that this leads to more robust and trustworthy markets.

To support in the dissemination of reliable and robust market statistic information, the I-REC Standard and Evident Services, the Registry Operator, and Code Manager for the I-REC for Electricity Product Code have been working together collecting data for the I-REC(E) market to generate a monthly Market Statistics report (downloadable to the right). This file provides transparency in the market and protects the privacy of individual companies and transactions. More information about the provided data can be found in the first datasheet of the file.

Please reach out to the I-REC Standard secretariat via secretariat@irecstandard.org if you have further questions or concerns about the published data or if you believe there is information missing. It is the goal of the I-REC Standard Foundation and Evident to improve statistics, make them overtime real-time and searchable online, and, at a minimum, to aim to update this file monthly.

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