Success of the first I-REC Day in Brazil

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Success of the first I-REC Day in Brazil

*Since the date of this news item’s publication, the organization ‘The International REC Standard Foundation’ has changed to ‘The International Tracking Standard Foundation: Founder of I-REC (I-TRACK Foundation).’


The first I-REC Day Brazil, which took place in São Paulo on 9 March 2023, brought together major players in the I-REC(E) market including registrants, participants, end-users, and regulatory agencies. The event, which is now set to take place annually, was an overall success with over 250 registered participants, news sources, and organizations focusing on the development of the I-REC market in Brazil.

Of the many organizations to attend the first I-REC Day in Brazil, GoNetZero Sembcorp’s carbon management solutions corporate venture celebrated its collaboration with Instituto Totum, the organizer and host of the event. GoNetZero publicized the launch of their digital platform for the buying or selling of I-REC(E) during the first I-REC Day Brazil stating,

“The launch is the result of a collaboration with Instituto Totum, the authorised local ssuer of I-REC in Brazil, to integrate the digital platforms of Instituto Totum and GoNetZero™…The streamlined process offers generators faster speed to market and convenient access to GoNetZero™’s global network of buyers.”

Brazilian news source, Broadcast Energia, did an exclusive with Jared Braslawsky, Executive Director of the I-REC Standard, that focused on the growth and development of I-REC markets, emphasizing the potential future direction of these markets and the I-REC Standard’s role. Jared is quoted,

“As we move beyond corporate accounting (e.g., purchasing 100% renewable energy) to product accounting, we are layering voluntary and mandatory disclosure needs. Additionally, mandatory disclosure requirements are coming up at a higher level. Expanding these requirements also to include supply chain emissions is the next logical step…here is continually recognition that these mechanisms are not proof of good or bad, but proof of the fact.

We want to be the medium through which governments, stakeholders, and the private sector communicate about the products they import, export, use, and market. Without standardized language, rules, and market – and, of course, without national or governmental support and recognition local – the global community will always struggle to compare apples to apples.”

Brazil was one of the first I-REC markets and the I-REC Standard is in close cooperation with Instituto Totum in developing a robust and transparent I-REC market in Brazil. Jared and the I-REC Standard Regional Director of Latin America, Benjamin Herrera-Vergara, were present at the first I-REC Day in Brazil.

Download Instituto Totum’s performance report of the first I-REC Day in Brazil here.

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