Lebanon approved for I-REC(E) issuance

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Lebanon approved for I-REC(E) issuance

*Since the date of this news item’s publication, the organization ‘The International REC Standard Foundation’ has changed to ‘The International Tracking Standard Foundation: Founder of I-REC (I-TRACK Foundation).’


The International REC Standard Foundation has approved Lebanon for I-REC for electricity issuance. The country report for Lebanon can be found here.

Approved I-REC(E) Issuers

Through support from the European Union Co-funded United Nations Development Programme CEDRO 5 project, the Lebanese Center of Energy Conservation (LCEC) was approved as I-REC(E) Issuer of Lebanon The LCEC is an independent, not-for-profit organization within the Ministry of Energy and Water in 2011. The LCEC is driven to expand Lebanon’s development of efficient, renewable energy sources and to increase energy security and de-carbonization levels. The LCEC proactively develops policies, implements projects, and assists in shaping the market in harmony with the global sustainable energy transition.


The Republic of Lebanon is a sovereign state located in Western Asia on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean region. The Lebanese government has committed itself to ambitious plans varying from the first commitment in 2009 of 12% renewable energy by 2020 to the last commitment of 30% made in September 2021, among other commitments such as adopting a new legal framework for renewable energy, establishing modern laws to ensure a faster transition towards sustainable energy, and using renewables to increase access of its population to affordable and secure energy sources, especially in rural areas. As such, the country has demonstrated its continued commitment to the promotion and development of renewable energy.

The I-REC Standard Foundation recognizes the efforts made by Lebanon’s continued commitments to developing and implementing plans for renewable energy sources and access, and is, therefore, pleased to have Lebanon as an I-REC(E) issuing country.






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