Kenya approved for I-REC(E) issuance

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Kenya approved for I-REC(E) issuance

The International Tracking Standard Foundation: Founder of I-REC (I-TRACK Foundation) Board has approved Kenya for I-REC(E) issuance, with the intention of having the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority of Kenya as the local I-REC(E) Issuer.


The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) of Kenya has been proposed as the local Issuer of I-REC(E) in Kenya. The EPRA is responsible for economic and technical regulation of the energy and petroleum sectors in Kenya including the technical regulation of renewable energy through the development and implementation of regulations. Until the EPRA has been finalized as an Issuer, the Green Certificate Company (GCC) will allow for device registrations and certificate issuance to transfer to the EPRA when ready.


The Republic of Kenya (Kenya) is located along the East Coast of Africa.  It is bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Kenya has the largest, most diversified economy and the second-largest population in East Africa.

Kenya is a signatory to the Paris Agreement and as such has committed to abating GHG emissions by 32% by 2030 compared to the business-as-usual emissions scenario, according to the updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). The government of Kenya has prioritized the scaling up of renewables in the country intending to achieve 100% renewable energy generation by 2030. To achieve this, various policies and regulatory instruments have been developed to create an enabling environment for the uptake of renewables.

Committed to harnessing the 90% renewable energy potential estimated at 10,000MW – geothermal energy (940MW), Hydropower potential is estimated at 9000MW to achieve 100% renewable generation on the national grid by 2030. Located along the equator, Kenya has all-year-round strong solar radiation estimated at 4 – 6 kWh/m2/day and a proven wind energy potential of as high as 346 W/m2.

The electricity market structure in Kenya is liberalized mainly with both public and private participants. The structure is unbundled, which has allowed private generators and distributors into the market.

Kenya has adopted the I-TRACK Foundation’s International Renewable Energy Certificate I-REC(E) as its Energy Attribute Certificate which would be adopted and implemented without restrictions.

Country Assessment Report

You can download the Kenya country assessment report here or from the button on the left.


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