Join the I-TRACK Foundation at the REC Market Meeting 2024 in Amsterdam

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Join the I-TRACK Foundation at the REC Market Meeting 2024 in Amsterdam

The International Tracking Standard Foundation: Founder of I-REC (I-TRACK Foundation) is pleased to announce its participation in the 12th edition of the REC Market Meeting on 16-17 April 2024 in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.

The I-TRACK Foundation will lead one of the new editions of the REC Market Meeting Pre-conference Academy sessions, ‘Academy Session A: I-TRACK Foundation Market Developments.’ In addition to the Pre-conference Academy session, the I-TRACK Foundation will speak in several sessions throughout the two conference days. See the complete overview of the I-TRACK Foundation’s involvement below.

Pre-conference  (15 April 2024)

Academy session A: I-TRACK Foundation Market Developments

In this academy session, the International Tracking Standard Foundation (I-TRACK Foundation), formerly known as the I-REC Standard Foundation, will offer delegates a full update of all the latest developments. This will include details on the development of key markets in the I-REC(E) Code, the establishment of new countries and Product Codes such as biogas [I-TRACK(G)], how the I-TRACK Foundation sees its role in upcoming (European) legislation, and the I-TRACK Foundation’s governance structure which has led to its name change. Delegates attending this session will leave with a deep understanding of the I-TRACK Foundation’s past, present, and future activities, and the markets it underpins.


  • Benjamin Herrera Vergara | Regional Director, Latin America | I-TRACK Foundation
  • Oleg Dobrovolsky | Regional Director | I-TRACK Foundation
  • Jos Tuinenburg | Manager, Standard Compliance | I-TRACK Foundation
  • Fernando G. Lopes | Executive Director | Instituto Totum

Conference Day 1 (16 April 2024)

  • Session 2B: Reviewing the GHGP: what are the latest developments and what is expected in the next year?
    • Roble P. Velasco-Rosenheim | Director of Global Partnerships and APAC
  • Session 3A: Balkans: new EAC systems in the European Energy Community – Will new opportunities bear fruit?
    • Oleg Dobrovolsky | Regional Director | I-TRACK Foundation
  • Session 3B: China: will it dominate international EAC markets as it dominates other sectors?
    • Zhenlan Lee | Country Manager for China | I-TRACK Foundation
  • Session 4B: Africa: what are the prospects for new individual, and unified, African EAC markets?
    • Enam Akoetey-Eyiah | Regional Director, Africa | I-TRACK Foundation

Conference Day 2 (17 April 2024)

  • Keynote 8: What more can be done to maximise consumer support for the energy transition?
    • Jared Braslawsky | Executive Director | I-TRACK Foundation

The RMM2024 has sold out in the last few years, and it may do so again. To register for the Academy pre-conference session and the RMM2024 conference, go here:



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