I-REC Standard Foundation Thanks the REM Asia Conference

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I-REC Standard Foundation Thanks the REM Asia Conference

The I-REC Standard Foundation would like to thank all attendees, panellists, and the Centre for Resource Solutions (CRS) for organizing the Renewable Energy Market (REM) Asia virtual conference. REM Asia brought together a diverse group of stakeholders including project developers, utilities, government entities, and the most ambitious corporates end-users to discuss clean power sourcing in one of the world’s most challenging markets—Southeast Asia.

The virtual conference took place from the 8th to 10th of March 2021 and provided a platform for renewable energy stakeholders to collaborate and share strategies for continued market development. Participants discussed the emergence of new procurement options in Asia and the Pacific, including rooftop solar installations, off-site PPAs (both virtual and direct line), and utility green power contracts, all denominated in energy attribute certificates (EACs). Panellists discussed progress to date and forward ambitions—including the push for hourly energy tracking and sourcing EACs and clean power closer to load centres in the region.

As a supporting organization, the I-REC Standard Foundation had the pleasure of supporting the conference in its inaugural year and wishes to congratulate Intel Corporation, PTT, RE100, Schneider Electric, and SP Group for being awarded the first Renewable Energy Market Asia Awards.

While much remains to be done in the development of local clean energy and EAC markets, participants highlighted overall progress and excitement to continue tackling complex clean power procurement challenges. The I-REC Standard will continue to play a leading role in supporting market development across the region, working closely with government, utility, and private sector partners.

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