First three plants registered by Argentina’s I-REC Issuer, IRAM

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First three plants registered by Argentina’s I-REC Issuer, IRAM

IRAM (Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación) is an independent, not-for-profit association that was approved as the I-REC Issuer for Argentina in February 2021.

 Since IRAM’s appointment as the local Issuer in Argentina, three renewable resource plants have been registered: Chocon, a hydroelectric dam of 1200 MW from Enel Trading, Parque Eólico de la Bahía, a wind farm of 53.2 MW from Pampa Energía, and Parque Eólico Pampa Energía, a second wind farm of 53.2 also from Pampa Energía.

Chocon hydroelectric plant has already issued 32,618 I-RECs. Pampa Energías’s Parque Eólico de la Bahía has issued 3,781 I-RECs.

Over the last seven months, IRAM has seen an increase in interest from various generators and due to such developments, the I-REC Standard has been able to expand the eligibility criteria to include RenovAr plants who can now register and issue I-REC certificates as well. This is explained in the newly updated country report for Argentina that can be found here on the I-REC Standard website.

The I-REC Standard is very pleased with IRAM in the role of a local Issuer to facilitate a robust scheme for all renewable energy devices in Argentina. As End-users are getting familiar with the use of I-RECs, there is an expectation of further increased demand in the following months.




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