First non-SOE device has been registered in China

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First non-SOE device has been registered in China

The I-REC Standard Foundation has been working with Chinese stakeholders and government authorities to ensure a fairer implementation of the I-REC(E) certificates in China. Following the I-REC Standard’s consultation for a change in issuance criteria of I-REC(E) in China (the results of which can be found in this report), the I-REC Standard Foundation Board determined the following rules for registration in China:

  • Removal of the restriction on issuance in China, allowing SOE and non-SOE to participate on an equal basis. This will be effective immediately (June 15, 2021)
  • Removal of the ability to issue I-RECs to generation facilities receiving FIT as of January 1st, 2023. This applies to generation facilities that are already registered in the I-REC registry to provide them with a reasonable transition period. For generation facilities that are receiving a FiT and are not yet registered, the new restriction applies effective immediately.

 As an organization, the I-REC Standard Foundation is pleased to announce the first non-SOE device from Envision Energy has been registered in China via I-REC Services/Evident. The device registered is a 100MW wind farm in Hebei.

We look forward to the continued development of the renewable energy market in China and to working closely with the national authorities to ensure the I-REC market fits their will and desire for the broader electricity market reforms taking place in the country.

For more information on Envision, you can go to their website here.



  • 取消在中国对于发行主体的限制,允许国有企业和非国有企业平等参与。此修订将立即生效(2021615)
  • 202311日起,获得中国电价补贴(FIT)的可再生能源发电项目不能申请签发I-RECs。对于已在I-REC注册的可再生能源发电项目,这将为它们提供一个合理的过渡期。对于即将获得中国电价补贴但尚未在I-REC注册的可再生能源发电项目,此限制条件即刻生效。

作为标准组织,I-REC标准基金会很高兴宣布,首个来自非国有企业——远景能源的可再生能源设备已通过I-REC Services/Evident在中国注册。注册的设备是位于河北的一个100MW风电场。



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