Conclusions of the rolling RMD consultation

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Conclusions of the rolling RMD consultation

Following the discussion on implementing a rolling Residual Mix Deadline (RMD), the I-REC Standard Foundation Board conducted a consultation between November 4th and December 1st, 2021, to gauge the reactions to the proposed rolling RMD. The goal of the suggested rolling RMD was to mitigate the workload faced by Issuers with the current set-up as it would change from a single deadline in September to twelve (monthly) deadlines.

The consultation received feedback from a total of ten I-REC(E) Issuers and market players from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Oman, Russia, and Turkey. In short, the feedback revealed that while most respondents were supportive of having more than one RMD, there was a clear inclination for two deadlines per year rather than the proposed twelve. The I-REC Standard secretariat reached out to the consultation respondents to further understand their reactions and to settle on the end of May and September as the preferred deadlines.

As such, the newly proposed deadlines are as follows:

Production Month Year X Issuance Deadline Year X+1
January – June May 31
July – December September 30

The I-REC Standard Foundation Board has approved the above, proposed dates for the RMD.

For more information on the proposed rolling RMD and the consultation, please review this document.

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