Argentina and Ghana Approved as Authorized Issuance Countries

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Argentina and Ghana Approved as Authorized Issuance Countries

Argentina and Ghana have been approved by the board of the I-REC Standard Foundation as authorized issuance countries. The central issuer, GCC, will act as the local Issuing Body in both countries until another competent local issuing body has been identified.

Following approval, the local issuer will also need to complete the accreditation process. In the case of Ghana and Argentina, this is expected to take several weeks to finalize. As the interim local issuer will be GCC, who also acts as the I-REC central issuer, it is already possible for production device owners in Argentina or Ghana, or entities acting on their behalf, to register with GCC and prepare registration applications for devices in these countries.

For more information about the Argentinian and Ghanaian electricity market and the implementation of the EAC scheme adhering to the I-REC Standard, please view the country assessment reports at these links: Argentina, Ghana. For further questions related to the country approval process or other questions about the I-REC Standard please feel free to contact the secretariat at

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