Join the I-REC Standard Foundation at the Energy Transition Conference 2023

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Join the I-REC Standard Foundation at the Energy Transition Conference 2023

*Since the date of this news item’s publication, the organization ‘The International REC Standard Foundation’ has changed to ‘The International Tracking Standard Foundation: Founder of I-REC (I-TRACK Foundation).’


The I-REC Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard) will participate in the Energy Transition Conference 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 28-29 August 2023 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Regional Director of ASEAN, Roble Poe Velasco-Rosenheim, will be representing the I-REC Standard in a break-out panel discussion on the topic “Towards Borderless RECs.” This panel discussion will focus on four key aspects of RECS:

  1. The mechanics of RECs, including standard issuance and redemption procedures, why the instrument was originally developed, and how it has evolved to address growing market demands.
  2. Primary use cases in terms of voluntary corporate reporting, such as disclosure of electricity consumption data to major reporting frameworks like RE100 and SBTI, retention of ownership rights associated with clean electricity to support unique claims, and applications to enhance project bankability and the construction of clean energy generation.
  3. Applications of RECs to support new regulatory regimes and trade agreements, including financial disclosure requirements being implemented in the EU, US, and other global markets; and scope 2 emission reductions to facilitate compliance and disclosure under the recently approved EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).
  4. Key stakeholders involved in publicly recognizing regional REC transactions, the recommended approaches for encouraging these actors to accept cross-border redemptions, and implementable next steps to focus on over the coming 6 months.

Registration for this event is still open here.

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