I-REC authorizes issuance in Japan

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I-REC authorizes issuance in Japan

 After years of support from stakeholders, regulatory authorities, and national market participants, the I-REC Standard will allow for the issuance of I-RECs in Japan.

The Japanese market is complex but reliable and robust procurement options are in demand by Japanese electricity users at an increasing rate. The issuance of I-REC certificates in Japan will be done under strict controls to ensure the highest quality implementation in Japan as well as strict adherence to the requirements of the national regulatory systems.

Devices will only be allowed to receive I-RECs in Japan if they are not receiving an FIT-NFC and are either not receiving GECs and J-Credits or are able to receive a non-FIT-NFC. Additional criteria associated with the issuance of I-RECs in Japan can be seen in the country assessment report soon to be uploaded to the Japan country page. This report is being created with the support of myriad organizations including CDP Japan, REI, and Kinect Energy.

The I-REC Standard will work to coordinate market implementation together with the industry organization, Local Good, as the national issuer. The I-REC Standard expects that the allowance of certificate issuance in Japan will be a first step in the development of a well-defined and properly regulated EAC market. This will allow for the direct investment and support of renewables production, on a voluntary basis, in Japan.

It is the goal of the Foundation to coordinate with the Japanese authorities on further expansion of the issuance criteria and determine a method in which the goals of the national authorities can be fulfilled.

It is expected the first I-RECs will be issued in Japan at the end of the 2nd Quarter.

For more information contact the secretariat at secretariat@irecstandard.org


関係者、規制当局、国内市場参加者からの長年の支援を経て、I-REC規格(I-REC Standard)は日本でのI-RECの発行を認めることとなりました。


日本においてI-REC証書の発行ができるのは、FIT非化石価値証書が発行されておらず、また、グリーン電力証書やJ-クレジットが発行されていない発電分、または非FIT非化石価値証書の対象となりえる発電分のみである。日本における I-RECs の発行に関するその他の要件は、近日中にI-RECの日本ページにアップロードされる国別評価報告書にて確認いただけます。このレポートは、CDPジャパン、自然エネルギー財団、Kinect Energyを含む多数の支援を受けて作成されたものです。

I-REC 規格は、日本国内における発行主体として、業界団体「ローカルグッド」とともに、市場への実装に向けた調整を行う。I-REC規格は、日本における証書発行が許可されたことで、明確に定義され、適切に規制された EAC (電力属性証明)市場の発展の第一歩となることを期待している。これにより、日本における自主的な再生可能エネルギー生産への直接投資や支援が可能となる。





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